And In The End: The Nib You Take…

Matt Bors, editor and publisher of The Nib, sent a message this morning:

Tomorrow is the final day of publishing for The Nib. We have a blowout planned with more comics than we have ever published in a single day. That seemed like the only proper way to do it. Thank you for reading our work over the last ten years. I have heard from so many readers over the last three months about how much The Nib meant to them.

For those who are paid supporters, all membership charges will stop as of today. And for those who have asked where you can follow and support our cartoonists, we will be sending a newsletter next week with links to all of them.

The website and all its links will remain active for years to come. I’m taking steps to preserve the site for the long haul and that shouldn’t be a problem thanks to the many donations we have received in recent weeks. It is also being archived in its entirety by the Library of Congress.

At his Substack Matt thanks a few people who helped launch the enterprise, both website and print publishing: Eleri Harris, Mattie Lubchansky, Andy Warner, Sarah Shay Mirk, Whit Taylor, and Mark Kaufman.

We also thank Matt, the above crew, and all the cartoonists who have entertained and educated us for 10 years.

Speaking of the cartoonists – they have been shuffling some farewell “funnies” in among their regularly enlightening cartoons at The Nib. Check ’em out.

© Mattie Lubchansky

Matt presents us with a farewell gift:

Through the end of the week, you can download PDFs of all fifteen issues of The Nib magazine for free. My gift to you! Though if you grab them and haven’t given us any money before, consider throwing in a few bucks for longterm web preservation.

Most of The Nib magazines are still available in print. This week they are on clearance—anywhere from $5 to $10 each. I’m proud of them all, but don’t miss our final issue, the Future issue, which I think is one of our strongest and most relevant efforts.

Michael Cavna at The Washington Post pays tribute: How The Nib lifted the art of comics political journalism.