Paper Capers and the Sunday Funnies

Giving a shout-out to Crankshaft.

Megagraphics, Inc.

For shedding light on evil authoritarian figures who are trying to keep people away from the trees of knowledge. They always have been and remain an affliction on society.

It does my heart good to see a kid pick up a newspaper.

© Lincoln Peirce

Young people and newspapers in Big Nate.

While the Sunday paper ain’t what it used to be decades ago…

© Creators Syndicate

I agree with Tucker of the Dogs of C-Kennel – it’s better in so many ways.

Are there other like me and the Macfarlane family on Grand Avenue?

© Andrews McMeel Syndication

I need at least two wall calendars in my home.

Hey, the 2024 wall calendars are coming! (I’ve already got one.)

What are the chance that an envelop like in today’s Broom-Hilda

© Tribune Content Agency

would reach the creator in Oregon or the syndicate in Chicago?

There is a legend, possibly apocryphal, that in the late 1960s a letter from New Zealand made it to the MAD magazine offices with only Alfred E. Neuman’s face and a stamp (some version add the zip code).

While we’re visiting TCA let’s note that a new Minit Mysteries, by E. O. Costello and Mike Sagara, began today.

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Running for two weeks in Dick Tracy from August 27, 2023 to (let me check my calendar) September 10, 2023.

Can you solve the mystery?


Is Jason a stand-in for Chris Browne in today’s Hagar the Horrible?

Elsewhere its Mark Parisi but not Off The Mark.

© Dan Collins

Collins is comical with a convivial cartoonist in Looks Good on Paper.

Yesterday’s Papers (apologies to John Adcock)

So – is Liô‘s rocketship closer to Flash Gordon’s or Buck Rogers’?

Did we get a hint at who Olivia Jaimes is?


Is the current, pseudonymous cartoonist of Nancy a woman of color?