CSotD: Waltzing with the Strawberry Blonde

We might as well begin with the silly part, though our current situation is a mix of silly and deadly.

Ed Hall is hardly the only person getting a laugh out of Trump’s self-reported dimensions of 6’3″ and 215 pounds, as recorded in his Georgia booking document.

A Twitter account called CalltoActivism did a comparison of other people who are roughly that size, one of whom is NFL quarterback Aaron Rogers, who, golly, sure looks fat next to the former president.

It’s likely because, while they weigh the same, Rogers is an inch shorter, so packs those 215 pounds onto a less extended frame.

Trump also listed his hair color as strawberry blonde, which isn’t inaccurate but is damn silly anyway except as yet another indicator of his misplaced vanity. If nothing else, it’s amusing because he’s so specific about that and so less precise about his girth.

Or maybe it’s not amusing, except in a very dark sense as an example of the ridiculous lies the man tells which his followers nevertheless believe.

Anyone with half a sense of skepticism can look at him and tell he weighs a good deal more than 215 pounds, just as anyone with half a sense of skepticism could look at the photos of his inauguration and tell that it didn’t set any attendance records.

It takes a little more digging to learn that, while he claimed to have graduated first in his class at Wharton, the commencement program doesn’t even list him among the honor students. Whether his father pulled strings to get him in at all takes more investigation than I have time or patience for, but once the obvious lies are revealed, we’re no longer starting from the point of believing things.

This wouldn’t matter if he were just some barroom braggart. I grew up with a fellow whose capacity for tall tales and braggadocio was a lifelong legend. We knew that every word out of his mouth was absolute nonsense, but he was harmless, because even people who had just met him instantly knew he was full of it.

But he was neither in a position to reveal international secrets to the Russians or to activate the nuclear codes. He might even buy you a beer once in a blue moon.

So it didn’t matter whether he knew he was making stuff up or truly believed it himself.

By contrast, as Ella Baron points out, Donald Trump sits in the presidential seat, and his (allegedly) criminal behavior pushes Lincoln out of a once-noble roost in the pantheon of Great World Leaders. It’s a painful comparison made worse by her being British, which adds the embarrassing “The Whole World is Watching” element.

To which John Deering (Creators) adds the element of “You’re only fooling yourself.”

There’s something both revelatory and deeply disturbing in the notion that you could market a T-shirt that says “No Surrender” that is illustrated by a photo you can only get by surrendering, but here we are, and it’s emblematic of the other illogical, impossible, ridiculous things they willingly accept.

As for trying to deprogram them, we seem to be at a point where you challenge their beliefs at the risk of your life, not because every Trump supporter is armed and unbalanced but because you never know and it’s probably not worth the risk.

Even if you discount the murder of the California woman with the pride flag, the attack on the Pelosi home and the threats against Judge Chutkin as random freak show anomalies, you can see the grim past into which we are retreating: Names like Viola Liuzzo, Chaney, Goodman, Schwermer, Medgar Evers, Dr. King, Bobby Kennedy.

Things that probably won’t happen again and that we don’t need to worry about anymore, right?

As the old bumperstick says, if you’re not worried, you’re not paying attention.

Or, to quote the gang at the Bulwark, they may be clowns, but they’re clowns with flamethrowers.

Juxtaposition of the Day

Ann Telnaes

Adam Zyglis

Telnaes and Zyglis indulge in a bit of asked-and-answered dialogue here: Telnaes fills in the mugshot to suggest a mob boss, while Zyglis notes that, as horrifying as that may be to half the nation, there is another half who see the comparison as exciting and heroic.

You have to be either a fool or deeply involved in the cult to accept Trump’s claim that he’d never heard of a mug shot before his own was taken. Even if he, himself, remained as pure as the driven snow, he certainly wasn’t able to build casinos without encountering a few people with dubious backgrounds.

Ah well. It’s a short step from rooting for Michael Corleone at the movies to demanding, in real life, that we disband the FBI and DOJ.

It’s easy to put a “Back the Blue” sticker on your bumper but then declare that the police at the Capitol on January 6 deserved what they got.

And it’s easy to walk down to the polling place on Election Day and cast your ballot according to those values.

Ward Sutton has a multi-panel commentary on Trump and his cohorts in the current issue of the New Yorker and it’s worth going to have a look. His ability to depict character and capture a moment without dialogue is admirable, though it being the New Yorker raises the question of who will see his work that doesn’t already accept his analysis?

But if it isn’t placed where it will afflict the comfortable, there is considerable merit in comforting — and motivating — the afflicted.

They also need to show up on Election Day.

Juxtaposition of the Day #2

Gary Varvel — Creators

Chip Bok — Creators

I would venture to guess that more people will see one of these two cartoons in their local paper, declaring the indictments to be fake and our system of justice corrupt, than will see any discussions of the matter in the New Yorker.

For that matter, I am confident that many of the people who will see these defenses of Trump and attacks on the legal system will never know precisely what he is accused of or what actual evidence ties him to the charges.

But they’ll vote for the strawberry blonde, as the band plays on.

13 thoughts on “CSotD: Waltzing with the Strawberry Blonde

  1. “Strawberry blond” reminds me of Jack Benny: “Eye color?” “Robin’s-egg-shell blue.” Of course, Benny was making fun of how vain his character was, while Donnie is dead serious.

  2. Easily the most frightening realization out of this whole episode (nay, for the last eight years) is the number of people to whom former President Trump is absolutely not guilty, sinless, and considered correct and justified in whatever he does. Back in 2016(?) I laughed when he made his “shooting someone on 5th Avenue” statement.

    I quit laughing a long time ago. Nowadays I’m bracing myself for the realization that, come January 2025, Trump not only pulls off a Grover Cleveland but manages to be acquitted on all charges, or if found guilty manages to tie things up in appeal long enough that he eventually gets off scott-free. And yes, I really believe there are enough stupid Americans out there to make this happen.

    1. What’s been just as unnerving, for lack of a better word, as a kid raised in The Church being told how no good Christian should vote for Bill Clinton because even if it was found he didn’t break a law, he still was an unrepentant sinner and character should mean something in a president—only for Trump to come along and hear those very same folks go through all kinds of mental and theological contortions to explain why voting for a philandering grifter whose sins make Bill Clinton look like Mr. Rogers was totally A-OK.

      And then they blame public schools for younger folk leaving the church.

      1. You have that right. The church used to be about respect for the church, our community, the law and working out our differences to make the best decisions for all. I pray some day we can see this grifter as a war monger. He has done more for insighting all kinds of violence than anyone before in our country.

  3. Curious how the defenders of Trump never address the actual charges in the indictments. Ever. You believe they’re all fake? Fine. Then tell which parts of the indictments are just made up lies. Of course, that would require actually reading the indictments. And you know sorting this out is what the court system is for, right?

  4. “Strawberry blond” may not even be a lie. If you look at footage or photos of him from the ’80s or ’90s, he was never blond until THE APPRENTICE or thereabouts. And depending on the source of his hair coloring, that may be the actual tint used on the box he gets it from.

  5. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Trump fan, so im not defending him or his BS or his BS supporters…

    but, ad hominem fat-jokes?

    Very classy.

    1. “Ad hominem” means attacking the person rather than his positions or actions. Lying is an action. He doesn’t get a free pass to lie just because he’s obese.

      Read the link for examples of his ad hominem fat remarks about Chris Christie, Rosie O’Donnell, a former Miss Universe, etc.

  6. Hillary Clinton: Investigated 5 or 10 times by Republican committees (Whitewater, Benghazi, emails) and exonerated every time. But still guilty, if you listen to Republican voters. I spoke to one the other day, and pointed out that Hillary Derangement Syndrome was far crazier than Trump Derangement Syndrome, and what had Hilary ever done, actually? It went right to Benghazi, her most popular “crime” so far. I don’t miss the woman at all, but the 2 politicians aren’t even remotely comparable.

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