The Old Comics Page Returns to Park Hill

On September 13, 2022, as part of the Lee Enterprises newspaper group, the Daily Journal of Park Hill, Missouri, on orders from headquarters, switched out their long running comics for the new standard Lee half-page:

Two months ago Lee sold The Daily Journal to Better Newspapers, Inc.

From Editor & Publisher:

Greg Hoskins’ Better Newspapers Inc. has purchased the Daily Journal (the Parkland regional newspaper), Fredericktown Democrat News, Farmington Press, and Advantage from Lee Enterprises.

Hoskins said he hopes to see these newspapers grow and embrace their roots of community-based news coverage.

Other improvements include bringing back local autonomy at each newspaper and the building of a regional, Missouri-based press plant in Park Hills.

Now (most) of the old comics page is returning:

As part of our continuing transition to the Better Newspapers Inc. family, I’m pleased to announce that many of your favorite comics and columnists are returning to the pages of the Daily Journal for your enjoyment and edification.

Beginning with today’s issue, Garfield, Arlo and Janis, Grizzwells, Frank & Ernest, Big Nate, Born Loser, Monty, Brevity, Herman and Moderately Confused [emphasis added] will be found on the Daily Journal comics page.

Also returning in today’s edition are the popular advice columns Dear Abby, Sense & Sensitivity and Ask the Doctors.

In recent months, many of our readers have requested the return of these comics and columnists to the pages of the Daily Journal. This is another small way in which our publication hopes to better serve our community.

As seen above Garfield was a part of the Lee half-page and it was part of the old Daily Journal comics lineup.

Other than Garfield the listed returning comics are part of Andrews McMeel Syndication’s NEA package. The pre-Lee comics were also, mostly, from the NEA package – excepting Garfield and Family Circus. Family Circus is not mentioned in the new roster, neither are Alley Oop and Reality Check. Those three had run before the September 2022 change but are apparently not included in the new August 2023 comics page. Moderately Confused is new to The Daily Journal readers of either configuration.

Below is a sample of the pre-Lee Daily Journal comics page from September 12, 2022: