In Celebration of Editorial Cartoonists

Peter Evans notes his 28th year with The (Key Biscayne) Islander News.

This month marks my 28th year as the editorial cartoonist for Islander News.

There’s a saying among some ink-stained wretches – “If you’re not upsetting someone, you’re not doing your job.” That’s not the point of cartoons, but it’s often a result. Editorial cartooning is often a negative art, but happily, our scribbles can often be the cheeriest item in the newspaper.

The Yucatan Times welcomes back prodigal cartoonist Clay Jones after three and a half years.

Hold onto your seats, as we proudly announce the triumphant return of Clay Jones’ extraordinary cartoons to the pages of The Yucatan Times.

Monte Wolverton is celebrated because he gets a response from a newspaper reader:

With all of the rich array of subjects to be used in your cartoons, why has your selected cartoonist chosen to bully people because of their age, depicting politicians as old fools solely on the basis of their age [“At the Elderly Politicians’ Club,” Gazette, Aug. 16]?

The AAEC 2023 Cartooning Award Roundup

Since [the AAEC] site was down during the spring — ie, peak award season — here is a quick recap of the prizes and winners in this post-pulitzer world. 

Ann Telnaes, Michael Ramirez, Clay Bennett, Adam Zyglis, Joel Pett, Gary Markstein, Robert Ariail, Tim Newcomb, Steve Stegelin, Al Goodwyn, Ed Hall, Bruce MacKinnon, Michael de Adder, Serge Chapleau, Sage Stossel, Pedro X. Molina, Abel Bellido Córdova, Matt Davies, and Pia Guerra are among the prize winners the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists celebrates.