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Two popular New Yorker magazine cartoonists, who also happen to be West Tisbury neighbors and dog-walking partners, shared the stage at Featherstone Center for the Arts in Oak Bluffs Monday for a two-handed talk about the craft they share.

© Mick Stevens and Paul Karasik

Mick Stevens and Paul Karasik “[discussed] slides of their work, trading stories from their careers and cracking wise with the casual ease of longtime friends, Mick Stevens and Paul Karasik drew frequent gusts of laughter from their audience in the art center’s Francine Kelly Gallery.”

The Vineyard Gazette covers it for those of us who couldn’t make it.


The Indiana Historical Bureau is honoring Frank McKinney Hubbard, better known as Kin Hubbard with a historical marker in September.

Hubbard was a political cartoonist and journalist for the Indianapolis News from 1891 until his sudden death in 1930. He wrote and drew the cartoon character “Abe Martin” whose single panel cartoon quips were nationally syndicated in over 300 newspapers. The character of Abe Martin reflected the typical midwesterner with plain clothes, a beard, pipe, and speech.

Cartoonist/humorist Kin Hubbard will get a historical marker (yet to be revealed) reports WIBC Indianapolis.


Cartoonist David W. Fitzsimmons will host an event in support of “the future of journalism.”

Once in a while events come up that I want you all to know about and consider attending. This is one such event. And I’m the host.

And I am hoping you will come to the Loft on Sunday the 27th at 3P.M. for “Agenda Live!” where we will discuss the future of journalism. Your $20 admission will go to supporting what I consider to be the future of journalism.

During the 2-hour event I will be moderating the conversation with Hank Stephenson, Curt Prendergast and Caitlin Schmidt. Curt and Caitlin are the veteran journalists teaming up to produce the new “Tucson Agenda“.

More from David Fitzsimmons.


DC Comics Writer Tom King Peanuts is “The Best Comic of All Time.”

In a YouTube interview with Popverse, King discusses his upcoming work on a new Wonder Woman series.

While most questions revolved around his work on Wonder Woman, one user named Brady White brings up that he’s wearing “a cool hat” at around 29 minutes. It features Charlie Brown from Peanuts that he says he got from an amusement park outside Washington, D.C.

I personally think that Peanuts is the best comic of all time in terms of combining pictures with words. I think Charles Schulz is the absolute best of the best. My oldest son is named Charlie, that’s how deep my nerd goes.

ScreenRant covers the Popverse interview, with a link to an article about the DC Comics character Kite Man:

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