The New Redesigned AAEC Website is Up!

The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists reconstructed their website this year

and after some delays it is now up and running. And it is looking good!

JP Trostle introduces us to the new site and the changes:

Welcome to the newest iteration of the AAEC website. Here you can find the latest news on the “dying art” of political cartooning — sometimes it’s even good news! — along with profiles of those who still endeavor to create it, as well as connections to other cartoon, free speech and journalists’ rights groups.

This upgrade was long overdue, but is a complete rebuild of our online presence from the foundation up, and like everything else these days, took a lot longer than expected.

Go there and check it out. Member profilesAward informationConvention schedulingAnd The News.

(But don’t forget that we here at The Daily Cartoonist will continue to also supply you with The News.)

The Daily Cartoonist sincerely thanks the AAEC for sending people our way while they were renovating.

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