Virginia Lindemann – RIP

Cartoonist Virginia Lindemann has passed away.

Virginia Louise (Ginny) Lindemann

December 12, 1944 – June 28, 2023

From the obituary:

Ginny attended Stafford Hall School of Business, Summit, N.J. and Farleigh Dickinson University, Madison, N.J. where she majored in Art and given many awards for her Oil Paintings. Ginny was an Executive Secretary in N.J., Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. Later during retirement, she had a long running cartoon named “Emily and Toby” in the local newspaper named “The Eagle.”

Once Virginia retired to Florida her Emily and Toby cartoon panel ran in the Florida Today/Cape Publications weekly The Eagle from 2013 to 2015. Below are some samples of her panel, now © the Estate of Virginia Lindemann.

2 thoughts on “Virginia Lindemann – RIP

  1. Okay, so I am familiar with the daily newspaper Florida Today, but can’t figure out this weekly paper “The Eagle”; when I look at Florida Today online I find “Emily And Toby” as a feature on page two of “The Eagle” but what I gather to be the front page has a masthead “The Reporter”. Whu..?

  2. They seem to have shuffled The Reporter and The Eagle pages.
    Go to the Thursday “other editions” to find The Eagle front pages.

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