Hey Kids! Comics! Summer Suggestions

Ben (and Olivia) © Daniel Shelton

Below are some comic strip and cartoon books scheduled for August 2023 release.
Images and links (mostly) via Amazon,
though ordering through your local comic shop or independent book store is a good idea.

Jack Kent: The Wit, Whimsy, and Wisdom of a Comic Storyteller

Mr. Block: The Subversive Comics and Writings of Ernest Riebe

Three Rocks: The Story of Ernie Bushmiller: The Man Who Created Nancy (author interview)

The Calvin and Hobbes Portable Compendium Set 1

Along Came a Radioactive Spider: Strange Steve Ditko and the Creation of Spider-Man

Alley Oop On The Mississippi

Illustrators Quarterly Special #14 The Illustrated History of Warren Magazines (new edition)

Comics Revue Presents August 2023

Big Nate: Move It or Lose It!

Funny Things: A Comic Strip Biography of Charles M. Schulz

What Would Velma Do?: Life Lessons from the Brains (and Heart) of Mystery, Inc.

Johnny Hazard the Complete Dailies, Volume 10

Dazzling Diamond Lil’

Safe Havens on Mars, Volume Two

featured image © Bill Watterson

2 thoughts on “Hey Kids! Comics! Summer Suggestions

  1. “What would Velma do?” Hopefully not make a terrible ‘modernized’ ‘adult’ version of her- oh wait, that’s already happened…

  2. Thanks so much! While the official launch of the new Safe Havens book will be in couple weeks at Dragoncon, it’s available for sale now from Lulu. 🙂

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