Let’s Lighten the Mood with The Funnies

Too much doom and gloom around, so let drop by reliable laff makers Bill Whitehead and Mark Parisi.

So now cartoons are throwing life in our faces?

Well certainly comics about cartooning would be funnier. Let’s visit Scott Stantis:

© Scott Stantis

Maybe some self-deprecating cartoon humor from Jonathan Lemon going meta

© Jonathan Lemon

and Dave Whamond just going literal.

© Dave Whamond

At least Will Henry ended the week with Wallace and Spud escaping the dreaded

Maybe Mark Parisi above had a good thing going.

Before moving on to Sunday let’s note that Vic Lee‘s change of font was, happily, short-lived.

© Vic Lee

While the Sunday’s will take a little longer to revert, I am glad the change was not permanent.

Something else that will not be permanent, but I am enjoying it, is Jim Keefe‘s drop tier recaps for Flash Gordon.

Yes, a lot of the action is missing but you can almost follow the story with the top third of those Sunday strips.

Speaking of full half-page Sunday strips –

have I mentioned how pleased I am with the new FurBabies and UFO GoComics webcomics going that route?

Classic battle scene to be reimagined? Today’s Prince Valiant cliffhanger

has me wanting to see Thomas Yeates re-create Hal Foster‘s famous battle on the bridge:

Naturally, the following week, father and son will be fighting side by side.

Sending me back to my childhood is Randy Milholland with today’s Popeye.

I remember laying on the living room floor and reading that first Katzenjammer Kids comic with all three of them. But the next Sunday one was gone.

Now the mystery is solved.


Thanks to David Gerstein we have the only other Katzenjammer Kids strip with all three Kids. January 2, 1898:

I also remember the original Little Iodine. The bow remained but most everything else changed as she aged.

Flash Gordon, Prince Valiant, Swee’pea, Little Iodine, The Katzenjammer Kids © King Features Syndicate

Ending on a happy note.

I’ve mentioned my fondness for the Garfield title panels. Today is no exception.

© PAWS Inc

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  1. I love these recaps…. especially when my humble strip gets a mention. Thanks D.D.

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