Wishing Brian Duffy the Bluest Skies

For more than a year editorial cartoonist Brian Duffy has been battling serious medical problems.

Brian hasn’t done any regular editoons since Spring of last year and, while he did get through most of 2022 continuing his monthly City View page, 2023 has only seen two City View pages-one for April and one for May.

© Brian Duffy, for the May 2023 City View

The Daily Cartoonist reached out and with Brian’s permission can give an update. Brian told us:

I was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma of the lungs last year and have had to put the pen down while dealing with the treatment and the side effects. I am hoping to get back at it in the near future.

We wish all the best for Brian and certainly miss his cartooning commentary.

Just think what he could be doing with the GOP primary cattle call at the current Iowa State Fair!

featured self-portrait from Brian Duffy’s Facebook page

4 thoughts on “Wishing Brian Duffy the Bluest Skies

  1. Thanks for the news, DD and Brian. He’s been missed. I wish him the very best of luck with treatment and hope to see his work again soon. But even more important, hope he gets better.

  2. Love your,cartoons. Praying for you and your family. Find strength to fight during this difficult time. Sending love and prayers.

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