741.5 The Expanding Library Comics Shelf

David Harper from 2019:

I’ve discovered many comics I love through the Anchorage Public Library’s incredible comic collection, as they have an immense assortment of manga, hugely popular titles like Saga and The Walking Dead, comics from the wider European continent like Blacksad and The Incal, indie fare like Duncan the Wonder Dog and Giant Days, young readers comics, and all the superhero comics one could ever want. It’s a cornucopia of all of the best comics and graphic novels in the world, offering readers both new and old a tasting platter of everything the medium has to offer.

The Florida Avenue Residence Hall Library Photo taken on 18 Dec, 2013 by C.E. Crane. via Wikimedia Commons

David Harper, for Sktchd, goes long into the love affair between graphic novels and libraries and their patrons.

…the comic medium and the graphic novel format in particular have become key elements of library comic collections around the country. As Loida Garcia-Febo, the American Library Association’s immediately previous president, shared with me, “in most cases you will find a huge movement in comics and graphic novel collections” in libraries not because they are what librarians think the community needs, but because communities are demanding these works.

feature image from 741.5, The Comics & Graphic Novel Bulletin of the Lexington Public Library