Messing With Sunday Funnies’ Paginators

Because of my contrary nature I get giddy when I see cartoonists screw with the people laying out The Sunday Funnies. Any number of Sunday comic strips are reliably laid out in a nine panel grid making it possible for certain strips to be run vertically down the side of a page. Like Blondie, The Born Loser, Hagar, and Doonesbury.

But on occasion, like today, G. B. Trudeau makes my day by throwing out the nine panel layout.

© G. B. Trudeau

I imagine paginators frantically having to rearrange their pages to accommodate the non-standard strip.

I’m perpetually perturbed at GoComics and Comics Kingdom for not running the full strips, either as the “half-page” format or skipping the title panels. Doonesbury here serves to soothe my annoyance.

© Bill Watterson

Bill Watterson went out of his way so the layout guys couldn’t cut up his full Calvin and Hobbes pages.

Continuing with rerun strips…

© Richard Thompson

The subject and the art by Richard Thompson actually got me a bit dizzy reading today’s Cul de Sac.

While Trudeau delighted, Batiuk disappointed. I was expecting Tom Batiuk to get permission from DC Comics to feature the comic book page referenced in Friday’s Crankshaft as one of his sideways Sunday pages.

© Megagraphics, Inc.

Since that didn’t happen here’s page one of Green Lantern #4 from 1961:

© DC Comics

Also Friday had Miles and Kevin paying tribute to a comic strip classic in Crabgrass.

© Tauhid Bondia

So what happened to Pros and Cons?

© Kieran Meehan /KFS

Last week started off, naturally enough, with the Monday strip … and nothing since. ???

After spending the five Sundays last month being lazy and only giving us three punch lines per page,

© Samson

Samson finally gets back to giving us a four gag Sunday in today’s Dark Side of the Horse.

Future Funnies.

© Creators/Andy Marlette

Looks like a funny week of Andy Marlette making fun of his governor in this coming week’s Shrimp & Grits. Check it out at the Creators Syndicate site or at the Arcamax comics page.

feature image by Tom Batiuk and Dan Davis

8 thoughts on “Messing With Sunday Funnies’ Paginators

  1. Re: pagination. The Tampa Bay Times swapped Doonesbury with Pickles on Sunday.

  2. Did you talk with K. Meehan to find out if the Pros and Cons strip ended after July 31. 2023?

  3. The Seattle Times usually runs Doonesbury vertically; it has swapped places with Beetle Bailey if Trudeau did a full-panel or other variant.
    This week, though, ST ran Doonesbury vertically–within a border, arranged on white space:
    one box, one small box, two small boxes, one small, two smalls, one box.

    1. Rochester NY /Democrat & Chronicle/ did something similar in the usual nine rows: title panel, large box, large box, not-quite-so-large box, small box, two small boxes, small box, two small boxes, not-quite-so-large box.

      And thanks for raising the Pros and Cons question, D. D.

  4. According to Comics Kingdom, Meehan killed the comic strip.
    (emailed reply to my request for help)
    C.K. -doesn’t- say anything about Meehan himself (retired,dead,vacation,hiatus,etc.),
    just that Meehan killed it.

  5. Batiuk disappointed. I’ve been reading that a lot. The worst thing that happened to ‘Crankshaft’ was the ending of ‘Funky Winkerbean’. Too many comic book-related story arcs. Ed Crankshaft appears to be relegated to wordplay gags.

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