Against the Grain – Right Side Editooning

Based on your social media feeds, you might think that political cartoonists are exclusively wild-eyed, merciless critics of former President Donald Trump. But you’d be wrong. Not wrong about political cartoonists being a bunch of wild-eyed, merciless critics, but off-base about political cartoonists being unanimous in their condemnation of Trump.

Liberal cartoonist Mike Thompson talks to conservative cartoonists Dick Wright and Gary Varvel.

Most cartoonists are liberal … being a Trump supporter is blasphemous and for such there is no forgiveness,” Wright told me via Facebook Messenger. “There is an arrogance among the left that includes mockery, belittling and a fair amount of snickering…”

“I haven’t been outraged by the stuff the cartoonists on the left have been outraged by. I just don’t see it. I think they’re making mountains out of molehills,” Varvel told me in a phone call…

6 thoughts on “Against the Grain – Right Side Editooning

  1. “I know this violates the laws of physics, but I never studied law.”

    Neither did Trump, and he seems to be just as untouchable as Bugs Bunny at this point. So I’ll concede that the first comic is on to something, even if I don’t agree with the message.

  2. The problem with most pro-Trump cartoons is that they are not funny. One of the cartoons above is an exception, but it’s not worth it to seek out funny ones.

  3. “mockery, belittling and a fair amount of snickering…”

    But he supports a guy who does that every time he opens his mouth? With the Presidency, no less?

    That’s what his supporters LIKE about him.

  4. Trump looked at our democracy and thought it would be better if he could have it all and become our dictator. Then, refusing to accept defeat, he actively attempted to stop the transfer of power, up to and including risking the lives of our representatives by pointing an angry mob at the Capitol to keep himself in power.

    I don’t know how to communicate with someone who lived through January 6, and can still say, “I haven’t been outraged by the stuff the cartoonists on the left have been outraged by. I just don’t see it.”

    Seriously. How do you have a conversation with someone so willfully ignorant?

      1. And double-triple ditto! I have been outraged by the right-wing cartoonists even existing at all, much less being published widely. They are merely the cartoon equivalent of the MAGA crowd. Stupid and biased to the core. Their existence reinforces asinine cliches, such as Biden being senile, and we do not need any more bolstering of that kind of thinking. I say off with their heads!

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