Fun Sundry Funnies for Sunday

We’ll start with a small bit of news:

Marvel Comics and King Features Syndicate are now rerunning the reruns.

Above opening panels from left to right: November 16, 2014, March 24, 2019, and July 30, 2023.

The Amazing Spider-Man comic strip is now on a four year, four month rotation. When the newspaper strip first went on hiatus in 2019 they held out a carrot saying, “We’ll be back soon with great new stories and art.” Those plans seems to have evaporated.

So The Amazing Spider-Man now joins Flash Gordon in an eternal rotation, though Jim Keefe’s Flash has a decent seven year, two month revolution. Plans to return may be why MC/KFS didn’t go deeper into the archives.

To the rest of the Sunday Color Comics Section…

© Comicana, Inc.

Hi and Lois and family embark on a two week vacation to New York City.

© Ralph Hagen

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign around The Barn.

© Tribune Content Agency

Broom-Hilda with some Herriman-esque landscapes.

© Thaves

Frank and Ernest have p(h)un with board games.

Maze Toons © Joe Wos

There are a lot of insects flying around the ol’ fishwrap today. (Yeah, yeah, spiders aren’t insects.)

(spoiler alert) Bees in Brewster Rockit and Calvin and Hobbes.

Betty (well, Bub) and Garfield are dealing with flies.

Fireflies light up the night sky in the Liô and Rose is Rose strips.

© Mike Lester

Mike du Jour uses an old Foglorn Leghorn method to provoke those who annoy him.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

© G. B. Trudeau

Doonesbury uses The Word to teach those who have strayed.

I have taken up the same practice in replying to letters to the editor – with the same results.

The Season of Love.

Baldo sister Gracie illustrates friend Nora’s love of Summer poem; Mutts expouses love for all.

© United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

History: 90 years ago, on July 30, 1933, Captain Easy by Roy Crane gets his own Sunday comic strip.

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  1. So Hi and Lois live in Connecticut? Wilton is not that far from NYC so it shouldn’t take them a few hours to get there from the train station, unless there is a Metro North delay.

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