Are Three Rocks Having Fun Yet?

With the imminent release (unless you already got a special edition at the San Diego Comic Con) of Bill Griffith‘s graphic biography of Ernie Bushmiller Hogan’s Alley Tom Heintjes interviews the author.

A recent Zippy © Bill Griffith

TH: Conversely, we all hit dead ends in our research, always frustrating. Were there questions you had going in that you were unable to answer?

BG: There was a rumor that Ernie met George Herriman in 1931, when he was in Los Angeles working on gags for Harold Lloyd. I couldn’t confirm this after diligent Googling and phone calls, so I decided it was too good to not be true and I included the imagined meeting in the book. Once I crossed that line, it was only natural to imagine a jam Sunday page Ernie could have done with Herriman, “Fritzi and Krazy.”

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