Strippin’ the Comic Con

That’s comic, I say comic strippin’ the Comic Con, son.

Tom Batiuk and Dan Davis, both veterans of comic conventions, began preparing for the San Diego Comic Con last week as all true comic fans did. Sunday got the Crankshaft co-stars in their costumes and today to The Con.

Tom and Dan are responsible for the Sunday colors, unfortunately another does the weekday colors; so Crankshaft became an edition of Slylock Fox’s Spot the Coloring Differences.

Liô also got a jumped on traveling to San Diego last week.

Patrick McDonnell begins his twelfth annual Comic Con tribute week in Mutts.

And again the weekday syndicate colorist erred with the costume.

La Cucaracha doesn’t have as far to travel as the others.

But will they spend the whole week there?

Not spending the week there is Hollywood. DePaul and Manley show Hall H in today’s The Phantom.

But for comic fans the COMIC Con is about celebrating cartoonists

and Baldo celebrates the birth of one of the great comic artists today.

More about Gus Arriola at Gordo Comics.

Animation is a part of the convention, so we’ll close with the Crabgrass tribute to cartoon physics: