New to GoComics – UFO by Graham Harrop

Graham Harrop has a new comic strip on GoComics.

The Ten Cats creator and editorial cartoonist premiered UFO on July 11, 2023.

© Graham Harrop

From a GoComics introductory post:

UFO” by Graham Harrop follows two duck brothers, Quagmire and Melrose, who were abducted from Earth and whisked away to Planet UFO. There, they run a two-star hotel for the alien administration.

“Quagmire is the dominant one and Melrose is the younger, more susceptible and easily-influenced one,” Harrop says of the siblings. Joining the extraterrestrial adventure are Frank and Earl, air traffic controllers who monitor incoming arrivals to the planet.

3 thoughts on “New to GoComics – UFO by Graham Harrop

  1. It is encouraging to realize there are cartoonists still making a living wage by pointing out the absurdity of today’s life (well, one hopes it’s a living wage…). This post had me giggling…and I am still giggling. Bravo, Graham Harrop!

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