First and Last: Agnes by Tony Cochran – Updated: Tony Responds

Original July 3rd post

This is a really late addition to our 2022 Departures list.

Agnes by Tony Cochran has been in rerun status all this year, since January 1, 2023.

Fans of the comic strip became aware of the lack of new material early this year and when “pschearer” inquired about the circumstances he reported back to Agnes readers the response from Creators Syndicate:

Regarding the 2017 reruns of “Agnes”, I contacted GoComics to ask. They referred me to Creators which replied with this:

Tony Cochran has retired from making new Agnes strips, and so we are running what we call “classics” (the strips that have been previously published).

Tony’s Guitars Facebook and Twitter accounts have not been updated for years.

We have reached out to Tony but have received no response yet.

We certainly hope all is well.


by Tony Cochran

March 8, 1999 (above) – December 31, 2022 (below)

Creators Syndicate

[reruns are distributed to newspaper January 1, 2023 on.]

© Tony Cochran

July 5 Update – Tony has replied to The Daily Cartoonist’s inquiry:

Thank you for your concern. I didn’t mean to worry anybody. My health is as fine as most 69 year olds. I miss doing Agnes, but financially it was getting less and less rewarding as papers folded. My time is more valuable the older I get and I decided to pursue other interests. I didn’t want to make a big deal about retiring because I could ease into classics without much fanfare. Most of them now read as new to me and do to my fans as well.

We are overjoyed to learn there is nothing seriously wrong!

And yeah, we are enjoying the reruns as much as the first time.

hat tip: Anne Hambrock

12 thoughts on “First and Last: Agnes by Tony Cochran – Updated: Tony Responds

  1. 32 years is a nice run. I really enjoyed this strip. Hope Tony is ok.

      1. In early June 2023 The Springfield News-Leader, The Sioux Falls Argus-Leader, The Newport News Daily Press, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser, and The Iowa City Press-Citizen were a few of the papers carrying Agnes.

      2. The Arlington Illinois Daily Herald still runs Agnes in its Sunday Daily Herald comic section even though Agnes is now in reruns.

  2. I’m very sorry to hear this. “Agnes” was a terrific strip that didn’t get the attention and praise it deserved. Wonderful characters and unique worldbuilding.

  3. “All of our years are starting to look alike.” Now that we know that reprints started the next day, it makes a lot of sense.

  4. I miss reading Agnes. Named my little 12 year old schnauzer after her??. Told my husband that now I need another one I can name Trout?????

    1. No need to miss Agnes, she remains on the GoComics page and the Creators Syndicate site.

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