Sunday is Funday-Mental

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Rob Harrell in Adam @ Home reminds some of us that we have a daily duty to perform,

and my duty to The Daily Cartoonist is getting later in the day than usual.

© Lincoln Peirce

Lincoln Peirce’s Big Nate explains why. Summer has arrived in The Big Valley

and errands are being run in the morning while it is still relatively cool.

© Weingartens & Clark

I would be switching things around from how the Weingartens & Clark describe days in Barney & Clyde. Perhaps it’s my Christian upbringing but Sundays are for the very slightest, while Mondays were more or less morbid.

Also bringing up old memories is Jeffrey Lindenblatt who’s Paper Trends at Allan Holtz’s Strippers Guide has reached 1994 where he notes the rookie comics of 1993. Of the top five rookie circulation premieres four of them still remain. Thirty years ago his survey still has Peanuts ahead of Garfield in circulation numbers.

Those Paper Trends numbers have the Archie comic strip appearing in 11 newspapers of the 161 261 in the survey. These days that may be the total of all newspapers in the nation carrying it. While the fairly new online-only Bite Sized Archie probably has a bigger audience than the old Archie comic strip reruns.

© Archie Comics

Bite Sized Archie will come out with its second comic book collection later this year.

Here’s creators Ron Cacace and Vincent Lovallo talking about their interpretation of Archie.

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