Charlie Brown Goes Home Again

The Minnesota History Center will host a year-long exhibit of Peanuts and Charles M. Schulz.

The event is covered by local and national news.


A museum exhibit set to open next month aims to teach visitors something new about Minnesota’s most famous cartoonist.

The Minnesota History Center is celebrating St. Paul native Charles Schulz, who created the famous “Peanuts” comic strip that introduced Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the lovable gang to the world.

and CBS News:

Visitors can expect dozens of “Peanuts” comic strips with photographs, quotes, and “unique objects” from the Minnesota Historical Society that will aid in telling the story of the creation of the comic strip.

What struck me was the photos used.

The local station uses a photo of a young Schulz, still a Minnesota resident;

the national news goes with a more mature, and more famous, Schulz photo.

9 thoughts on “Charlie Brown Goes Home Again

  1. Please continue publishing the Peanuts . I totally enjoy living my days with the Peanuts gang…..they make my days, laughter or sadness in the baseball games.

  2. To discontinue the Peanuts would be a “crime to humanity”. No other comic strip is as timelessly uplifting and thankfully void of all the contempoary sideswipes found now at random (even woeful Lucy…). Five cents, please!

  3. My favorite comic. I’m a long time fan and Charles Schultz’s creation is a treasure. Don’t ever take away Peanuts!!

  4. Love everything about the Peanuts Snoopy has been my favorite for at least 55 years
    Keep them published and the memories coming

  5. Always loved everything about the Peanuts comic strip, especially Snoopy. I love a dog with attitude and Snoopy has attitude.

  6. I love peanuts. They are everyday life. I can relate to all of them better than family . Every which way. There’s a meaning In every thing about them. Charles Schulz had a gif of relating to all this.
    Bless Charles Schulz.

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