GoComics Pulls Mike du Jour Strips

Mike du Jour by Mike Lester is doing “The Gender Mystery Date” series this week and GoComics apparently has had second thoughts on running the arc. The website began the week running the strips and then belatedly pulled them and replaced them with reruns from 2020.

© Mike Lester

The strips originally scheduled for this week can be read at Arcamax

and in the Print Washington Post (but not the online WaPo comics page).

11 thoughts on “GoComics Pulls Mike du Jour Strips

    1. These comics aren’t even funny, so the eighties up in arms over a comic they’ve never read, that isn’t even quality, is absolutely hilarious.

    2. And didn’t do it as well. Was there a punchline? But maybe that’s how this strip usually operates.

      People are stupid to call attention to this. Best bet if you don’t like something minor like this – ignore it. Not gonna hurt you. Protest and it gets more attention.

  1. No The Daily Cartoonist comics for me until the characters stop yelling. Oh, well…

  2. Hmm, my Microsoft browser tells me that this page has been reported as unsafe. Of course I went around the “stop sign”. Somebody upset about the ads? or something else?

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