WPWG Comics are Slip Slidin’ Away

The Washington Post Writers Group syndicate is down to two cartoonists and three comics,

none of which are widely seen in print.

Of the trio Fort Knox by Paul Jon Boscacci seems to be the comic with the largest print circulation. A search at newspapers.com brings up 10 newspapers in March and April of 2023 running the strip daily, (Three of those papers also run the strip on Sundays.) All of them are within a 100 mile radius of the actual Fort Knox. It gets a boost with Stars and Stripes carrying the Sunday page in its weekend edition.

Reply All, the comic strip by Donna A. Lewis, comes up with bupkis on a newspaper.com search. As far as I know it is not carried by any newspapers, not even the syndicates home paper – The Washington Post.

Both Fort Knox and Reply All can be read online by way of the Arcamax comics page.

Which brings us to Reply All Lite, also by Donna A. Lewis. The panel, until a couple of weeks ago, ran in the Los Angeles Times, the only paper carrying it in a newspaper.com search. They dropped the panel after the May 13, 2023 issue. But The Washington Post, not a newspaper.com paper, carries the panel. It may now be the only place Reply All Lite appears in print. It is also available on The Washington Post online comics page, though the panel is placed under the strip’s title.

This all comes up because I checked on those comics through the GoComics newspaper digital platform (GoComics itself stopped carrying them some time ago). But starting May 21, 2023 they dropped the dailies and are only carrying the Sunday versions – see here via The Oregonian.

So – there are precious few places to read these three comics and now, unless there has been a gremlin at the digital newspaper GoComics platform, there are even fewer.

4 thoughts on “WPWG Comics are Slip Slidin’ Away

    1. As found via newspapers.com. I don’t have newspaper.archive, or to newspapers not accessible to either of those sites.

  1. Appreciate the research. Happily, there are more then ten and, after nearly fourteen years in daily syndication, I am thankful for their loyalty… and all of yours.

  2. I wish Tribune Publishing bought the Washington Post and then have Fort Knox and Reply All Lite move to the Tribune Content Agency comics lineup that includes Dick Tracy and Gasoline Alley.

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