Tina Turner – Comic Strip Heroine

Quasi-superhuman adventurer Garth was the star of a long-running (1943-1997) British comic strip. In 1992 it was being written by Tim Quinn and drawn by Martin Asbury, and for one episode it guest-starred Tina Turner.

In 1992, Tim recalls, “I bumped into Tina Turner one day down London way. She was at the peak of her career at the time. I asked her if of all the many extraordinary things she had done whether she had ever appeared in a comic strip. She hadn’t. I told her I could rectify that.

“And so she became Garth’s girlfriend for the next storyline…

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John Freeman at downthetubes has the story behind the Tuna Turner/Garth Blood Sport story.

3 thoughts on “Tina Turner – Comic Strip Heroine

  1. In the USA, did the comic book called Rock ‘n Roll Comics ever do a Tina Turner issue circa late 1980’s/early to mid 1990’s?

    1. Apparently not. She guested in the Rod Stewart issue, but there was no solo issue.

  2. Do you suppose Speilberg was purposely mis-spelled so as not to infringe? 😀

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