TDC Update: ads

You probably noticed ads appearing on the site today. After 18 years of TDC running very few ads, it might be surprising to see. Please be patient for the next couple of weeks while we try to find the right balance of ads (number and placement) we need to pay our bills.


6 thoughts on “TDC Update: ads

  1. An ad on the left covers a lot of the content. I don’t have X-ray vision so I am finding it difficult to read the content.

    1. What device are you using? I see a pop-in ad at left that exceeds the border but it’s easily dismissed on my laptop.

      (I’m good with ads as long as the “McAffee warning takes over my entire screen” doesn’t appear here.)

      1. Desktop computer with Windows 11 and Firefox. Today there is no ad on the left, and I can read everything.

  2. IPhone 8, Safari Browser. They’re crawling all over everything and will cause me to not come here anymore just because it’s unusable. Would you consider following the examples of GoComics, Comics Kingdom, and the Comics Curmudgeon, and offering a subscription to make them go away?

    1. It’s a bit too early to throw in the towel and jump to a subscription system. But based on your comment, I’ve raised some of the ad issues with our ad platform partner. Please be patient as we dial this in.

      1. They’re not mutually exclusive. Josh Fruhlinger has been doing an either/or for as long as I’ve been visiting his blog.

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