Cartoonist Profiles: Marshall Ramsey

Ramsey, editor-at-large of Mississippi Today and editorial cartoonist, has been working in news for over two decades and is a two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist. He shared the story of his career and some of his cartoons with the Starkville Rotary Club on Monday.

© Mississippi Today/Marshall Ramsey

Marshall Ramsey gave a talk and Abigail Sipe Rochester for The Columbus Dispatch covered the event.

“I think about the impact of what I want to say,” Ramsey told The Dispatch. “At the end of the day, I know that the cartoons are going to cause a reaction and I just want to be thoughtful about what kind of reaction. …I don’t really care if I make them mad or happy. I just want them to think about it.”

5 thoughts on “Cartoonist Profiles: Marshall Ramsey

    1. Also, hospitals now are owned by corporations whose goal is to make profits. There are no economies of scale in rural areas. Hence many hospitals are leaving small towns.

      1. Well said. Healthcare should not be For Profit. Neither should incarceration.

      2. Marshall, thanks for your many years of educating all of us through your cartoons. You have been gracious to explain Mississippi’s history to many of my students. You are appreciated and I do thank you. Yes, I do remember when every small Mississippi town had a hospital. The good old days when small town Mississippi had all we needed to enjoy life within our communities.

  1. “Our town had a hospital, our cops were trustworthy, you could get a job right out of highschool that paid for a house and a car and you could still eat without government assistance…”

    “Yeah, okay grandpa. Time for your meds”

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