One Fine Spring Week in the Funnies

A quick look at a some comics from the past week before Mike leads us into the new week in a few hours.

Lemont Brown begins his book tour next month and will be partnered with his creator

© Darrin Bell

Doesn’t the universe, or at least the Candorverse, end when two separate entities of the same character meet? Or did I read to much science fiction in my youth? Start reading Candorville here for the When Worlds Collide arc.

The Talk is at your local bookstore June 6.

More endings.

© Scott Stantis

A week about Prickly City‘s newspaper having problems. It is far from the only one.

In memoriam.

© Jef Mallett

Frazz remembers some recently departed cartooning greats.

© Weingartens & Clark

Al Jaffee again in Barney & Clyde.

One Fine Day

© Will Henry

I enjoyed Wallace the Brave and friends spending last week enjoying one fine Spring day,


© Greg Evans

The character growth of Piro in Luann was surprising. Looks like more to come this week.


I can name all the comic characters in the Bear With Me masthead except for the kids between Albert and Yogi.

I try but Momma’s children keep coming to mind and I can’t clear them out to remember the names of these.

feature image © Jimmy Johnson

11 thoughts on “One Fine Spring Week in the Funnies

  1. (I love a challenge!) Marcia Mason, Ira Brom, and……? There doesn’t appear to have ever been a completely bald kid in the cast of characters. There’s Arthur Strimm, who has “very little” hair. Then, the blonde twins, Lester and Linda Larson, who “appear” bald in the b&w dailies (on Sunday, their heads are colored blonde), but even they have tiny little bangs. Lester sports a cowlick; Linda, a ponytail. Perhaps it’s a case of all these characters in the masthead (I LOVE when local papers have these!) being drawn by someone at the paper, and it’s not a specific character at all…!

  2. Who is the woman between B.C. and Albert? Is that supposed to be the woman formerly known as Cute Chick? Also, when was Yogi in a newspaper strip?

  3. What about a piece on Vintage Strips like Milt Caniff’s “Terry and the Pirates” & “Steve Canyon?” The “vintage readers” of those strips might like some commentary on an important time in their lives. The printed strips were mostly the only animation that was available to us “kids” of that period.
    PS. Yes,I was named for the title character!

    1. While The Daily Cartoonist’s focus is on today’s cartoonists, we certainly respect those of the past. Most recently we celebrated the 75th anniversary of Rex Morgan, M.D. We did the same with Milton Caniff’s Steve Canyon last year and others as they come up. Our Wayback Wednesday/Wayback Whensday entries also spread the joy of comics past.
      We do have a habit of honoring the past on major red-letter years (10, 25, 50, 75, 100) though on occasion, like when it is the best adventure strip ever, we will make an exception:

    2. My step-dad was an Air Force pilot. Terry and the Pirates were my go-to guys. Comics back then were so very different: Terry, Steve Canyon, Flash Gordon, Prince Valiant, Dick Tracy, and Mary Worth told serial stories that entertained and intrigued.

  4. I jumped right in on the first mention of the Pratt library in Baltimore. I think they still have me on the “bad” list for not returning a couple of books I loaned to a friend back in the 60’s and never got back. I loved the Pratt Library. Next time I’m in Baltimore, I think I will stop by and check the situation out.

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