Matt Bors Puts The Nib Into Storage

For ten years The Nib has been the epitome of combining editorial cartooning and comics journalism.

Sadly that will come to an end. Founder Matt Bors informs that the website and magazine will end:

I’m afraid I have some bad news. After ten years of publishing, The Nib is going to close down this summer. The new issue of our magazine, the Future issue, will be our last. We will continue to publish online every weekday through August and then shut down.

art by and © Oliver Hibert

Matt explains:

This was an incredibly hard decision to make and there’s no one factor involved. Rather it involves, well, everything. The rising costs of paper and postage, the changing landscape of social media, subscription exhaustion, inflation, and the simple difficulty of keeping a small independent publishing project alive with relatively few resources—though we did a lot with them. The math isn’t working anymore.

There is hope for The Nib to occasionally come out of the box:

I’ll also add that The Nib will likely reconvene for an anthology or special projects some day.

Read Matt’s full state of The Nib here.

If you’re not a current member of The Nib, you can buy the Future issue here as well as the back stock of magazines we have in our store. 

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