Cartooning – Worst Job in America?

Do you crave high stress, low pay and lack of job security? Pick up a pen (or a Wacom tablet) and join the cartoon community! I’m not referring as much to animation, graphic novels, freelance illustration or other disciplines but SINGLE-PANEL GAG CARTOONS—broken dreams, talking to yourself, unpaid cartoons, stolen work and so much more.

© New Yorker/Bob Eckstein (via CartoonStock)

Famed New Yorker cartoonist Bob Eckstein, he of the Ultimate Cartoon books and others, through years of research has determined that being a “single-panel gag cartoonist” is the worst job in America.

One of the joys of the profession of single-panel gag cartooning is the assurance you will be taken advantage of…

Bob even performed an analytical research study and has a list that confirms his suspicion:

Top 10 Most Difficult Occupations 2023


4. Driving Instructor For Narcoleptics

3. Mime College Gym Teacher

2. Single-panel Gag Cartoonist

1. Single-panel Gag Cartoonist Assistant

feature image by Bob Eckstein and taken from his Career Authors interview

6 thoughts on “Cartooning – Worst Job in America?

  1. And here I thought that being the camera operator for Jeanine Pirro’s show was the worst possible job.

  2. I thought the worst job was a honey-do for the neighbors.

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