CSotD: Life in the Alternative Reality

This is one of those “Where do I start?” days, but Eric Allie (Counterpoint) offers a segue from yesterday, in which I chided Bob Gorrell and Mike Lester for writing Title 42 cartoons before the fact arose that, rather than their expected flood of migrants with the demise of the act, the number of crossing were cut in half.

Egg-on-your-face happens, but there’s no excuse for Allie coming out a day later with this utterly unsupported accusation. There is no wave, and what the administration is doing — based, as it happens, on rules from the Trump administration — appears to be working as well as can be expected.

We still have a lot of immigrants hoping to come here, we still have a lot of “help wanted” signs on every street corner, we still have a major issue to work with.

But it’s not a particularly good attack point on the current administration, at least, not in a world in which facts have any meaning.

Wherever that might be.

There’s little we can agree on, and that’s not just a rhetorical point. Pat Byrnes points out an example that would stun and depress The Greatest Generation, but, as meme-makers have been noting for some time, those fellas that hit the beaches on D-Day were antifa, and we hate antifa.

Today, Tommy Tuberville says he doesn’t quite understand what “white supremacy” is, but, after it’s explained to him, he calls white supremacists patriots and good Americans and is happy to have them in our armed forces.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk says that just because a mass murderer is covered in swastika tattooes and wrote a massive manifesto explaining his neo-nazi sentiments, that doesn’t prove that he’s a neo-nazi.

In this world, if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it might be a squirrel, or a peacock, or an antelope.

Who are we to call it a duck?

Byrnes also contends that we seem a little confused about good guys and bad guys on a day-to-day level, as seen by both Donald Trump and Ron de Santis proclaiming Daniel Penny the new “subway vigilante” who deserves praise for choking an obviously mentally ill passenger to death.

Note that this is Daniel Penny, not to be confused with Daniel Perry, the fellow in Texas who made racist comments, drove his car into a group of protesters and then shot one, and, having been convicted by a jury, is awaiting Gregg Abbott’s promise of a pardon for his heroism. (Kyle Rittenhouse is also on his side.)

I have some sympathy for Penny, at least until we find out if he knew the chokehold was becoming fatal, though even a country cousin like myself knows that subways attract ranters and that most folks shrug it off. And that rolling around on subway floors should be a last resort.

He’s being charged with manslaughter, the degree of which will likely hinge on what he should have known. His fans might want to stop pointing out that he was a Marine, since it paints him red, white and blue but also suggests some expertise that won’t work in his favor.

Anyway, Geez-Louise, you need a scorecard to keep track of all the praiseworthy killers in this alternative reality of ours.

Bob Gorrell (Creators) provides a possible clue for all this confusion, since anyone who watches more than one channel knows that the airwaves have been full of coverage of the Durham Report, of the situation on the border and of the economy.

But we start with the odd contradiction between Fox fans claiming it has massive ratings (which it does) and their insistence that those other news services are the “mainstream media.” You can’t claim to represent a substantial portion of the public and deny that, in fact, you’re mainstream.

Unless, like the White Queen, you’ve learned to believe six impossible things before breakfast, which is funny in a children’s book but not helpful in the adult world.

Nor is it helpful, Paul Fell points out, to have a major news service decide to adopt a policy of “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

The jaw-dropping Town Hall was a symptom, though now CNN CEO Chris Licht admits he made some mistakes. They should, he says, have used more camera angles. I wish I were kidding.

Robert Reich has a substantial breakdown on why he thinks CNN has swung to the right, and while some of it stretches a bit, he notes, for instance, that Licht has told CNN reporters and anchors not to use the term “the Big Lie” because it sounds like a Democratic talking point.

Warner Discovery CEO David Zaslav, who hired Licht, says he wants “”Journalism first. America needs a news network where everybody can come and be heard; Republicans, Democrats.” And Zaslav knows that one of his major stockholders is John Malone, who owns nearly a third of Rupert Murdoch’s news operations and donated a quarter million to Trump’s inauguration.

It’s not a conspiracy. But big corporations have to do some planning, after all.

Juxtaposition of the Day

On the other hand, looking at the world through a conspiratorial lens can distort things, and Deering has a reasonable analysis of the long-awaited Durham Report: He didn’t find much law-breaking; just some low-level schlub who lied to investigators.

Beyond that, his report is largely a gripe list of things he thinks the FBI and other should have done differently, which, as Deering says, amounts to feelings, not facts.

It’s frightening, not funny, that those who wanted him to find something will insist that he did. That’s life in a paranoid world of alternative facts and alternative reality.

But I got kind of a kick over Benson calling it a “witch hunt,” given that the term refers to false prosecutions of innocent women.

Which, BTW, falls in with James Comer’s breathtaking report on corruption in the Biden administration, which had to be postponed because, while they could find the whistleblower who said all these bad things happened, they seem to have lost track of the person who actually had the proof.

Which sounds like one of those urban legends that falls apart when you try to identify the friend of the narrator’s cousin’s college roommate’s brother-in-law, who actually knows the guy who saw it happen.

And who found his sweater folded neatly on a tombstone.

9 thoughts on “CSotD: Life in the Alternative Reality

  1. It’s amazing ppl don’t know that Eric Adams is considering tent city(s) in Central Park and busing migrants to Orange and Rockland Co.’s. That he’s taken over PS gyms to house migrants. Hotels have evicted wedding parties and homeless vets for migrants. NYGov Hochul says NY is “busting at the seams”. How do you not know Southside Chicago (97% Biden voters) are up in arms that bus loads of migrants are streaming in changing their neighborhoods? You believe border states are expendable and liberal “SANCTUARY” cities are exempt to the open borders “free stuff” Biden message. I don’t understand how you don’t know that but read and believe Rueters like it’s the Mueller report. -ML

    1. Gosh, if I’d known all that, I might have written that “we still have a major issue to work with.”

    2. If only the republican politicians from those border states had cared more about solving the border crisis than exploiting these past few decades

  2. Your mention of Fox News’s Golden Boy, Kyle whathisname reminds me that I’ve had trouble putting much faith in the D.O.J. under Garland ever since Rittenhouse was driven across state lines by HIS MOTHER (who bought him the gun) in order that he might take part in the shooting/murdering of two or three protestors (if he was lucky), and yet all we ever got was a dreadful state trial in front of one of my state’s most ludicrously biased judges who declared that prosecutors couldn’t even refer to the dead as “victims.” Where were the federal charges for interstate crime, or for his mother’s part in the proceedings? I imagine the department’s prosecutors were much too busy finding new ways of avoiding charging our former president (the Great Pumpkin, whose administration today seems more fabled than real) for anything at all.

    1. Agreed. And what I find particulary galling is Kyle Rittenhouse being held as a hero in some circles and that his name keeps coming up in the news. The murders were two blocks from my office. I will never forget the incident and don’t appreciate the reminders , especially from those lauding praise

  3. Two blocks from your office? Mine, also, altho I’d moved to FL at the time the BLM protests took place or I’d’ve had a front-row seat for the entire proceedings in Civic Park. And I agree with all your other points.

  4. Based on everything I see and read, reinforced by the cartoons Mike posts here, MainStreamMedia is a miasma of incomplete context, facts in a vacuum, twisted info, highly paid ‘experts’ spouting propaganda and opinions pushed as fact. When they say ‘streaming 24/7’ I am ‘screaming 24/7’ for less BS and more journalistic integrity.
    Also, Mike Tiefenbacher nailed it again in his comments. As would I paraphrase him, Respect is earned and we’ve lost respect for them all.

  5. To the Warner CEO: News Flash: America already has a network where everyone can come to be heard. It’s called The PBS NewsHour. Partially funded by that damned libtard NEA.

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