“Little Mice” by Caleb Spell, New Local Comic Strip by 13-Year-Old

The Dunkirk (NY) Observer began carrying a new weekly comic strip on Sunday May 7, 2023.

Caleb Spell, creator of Little Mice comics is a 13-year-old homeschool student and resident of Dunkirk … and has loved comics ever since he was first introduced to Mutts by Patrick McDonnell around age 8.

He started drawing his own comic strip, “Little Mice” during the pandemic and has been faithfully drawing one every day, with a colored comic on Sundays, ever since. He currently has hundreds of comic strips drawn illustrating three mice brothers and their furry friends in a variety of humorous situations.

© Caleb Spell

His first comic appears today on Page D6.

The Observer introduces their new comic strip and the creator, cartoonist Caleb Spell.

17 thoughts on ““Little Mice” by Caleb Spell, New Local Comic Strip by 13-Year-Old

      1. What kind of deal is the creator, a juvenile, being given by the publication? Does the creator retain his rights or are the rights appropriated by the publication? Who is negotiating on behalf of the creator, a juvenile? These are the questions commenters should be asking.

      2. RJ, my first freelance gig was a book review. I got five bucks and I got to keep the book, but I was 22 and a college graduate. At his age, I’d have been delighted to have an audience and a chance to learn about deadlines and probably a bit about production.

        It ain’t all about the Benjamins. He’ll have time to be cynical and bitter in five or six decades.

    1. awesomley impressive ! very talented indeed ! love the drawing and of course your dialog is quite sophisticated for a 13yr old if ya don’t mind me sayin. very cool ! thx for sharing !

  1. This is great! Can’t wait to see your comic in our local paper someday.

  2. We are so very proud of you Caleb. Your hard work and faithfulness has been proven good. May your endeavor bless many. Love always,
    Grandma & Grandpa Nagel

  3. On behalf of Caleb, who isn’t on social media just yet, he wants to thank everyone for their kind words.

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