Joel Pett Wins 2023 RFK Cartoon Award – updated

Joel Pett of The Lexington Herald-Leader was named the winner of the

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Cartoon Award for 2023 (at the 15 minute mark).

It is the second time Joel took the honor, he had won the Award in 1999.

Said the organization:

For years [Joel Pett] has been speaking truth to power through excellent cartoons that synthesize art, humor, and commentary. For years, his award-winning work draws searing attention to social issues.

© Lexington Herald-Leader/Joel Pett

Congratulations Joel!

The Lexington Herald-Leader congratulated their staff cartoonist:

Joel Pett, the long-time editorial cartoonist for the Lexington Herald-Leader, has been awarded the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Cartoon Award for 2023. Judges of the annual award noted Pett’s decades of work drawing attention to issues of social justice, climate change and other crucial topics.

In a statement, Pett acknowledged the work of the other journalism winners, reporters who bring remarkable stories to light, and provide the subject matter for cartoonists. He also thanked the RFK Foundation for continuing to recognize editorial cartooning.

edited May 5 to add The Lexington Herald-Leader notice

3 thoughts on “Joel Pett Wins 2023 RFK Cartoon Award – updated

  1. When I saw Joel at the AAEC Convention this past year, he chided me gently for a recent time I’d criticized one of his cartoons here. I hemmed and hawed a little, but he added, “No, when I fail, I want you to kick my ass!”

    Openness to (honest) criticism is how you make it to the top.

  2. He’s my hometown cartoonist, AND a Pulitzer Prize winner AND a genuinely nice man.

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