Tucker Toons and Don Drawings

As news spread quickly Monday that two longtime cable-news hosts, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson and CNN’s Don Lemon, had been dropped by their networks, editorial cartoonists wasted no time rendering their sharp judgment.

© Lisa Benson/Counterpoint

Michael Cavna, at The Washington Post, highlights a half dozen editorial cartoons and thoughts from the corresponding cartoonists about the same day dismissals of a couple cable personalities.

“The coupling of the two news events was natural. The first thought that came to mind was, ‘Anchors away!’” Ramirez says. “Lemon’s antics [and] divisive and radical views on the left political hemisphere, and Carlson’s behavior and promotion of conspiratorial nonsense on the right, seemed destined for a consequential conclusion.”

Lisa Benson, Michael Ramirez, Ann Telnaes, Mike Luckovich, Tim Campbell, and Jack Ohman are featured.

To be fair there were a few cartoonists taking the Carlson side of the kerfuffle, none defending Lemon.

© A. F. Branco/Creators

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  1. I wonder if, now that CNN has announced a Town Hall with drumpf, Don Lemon is glad he’s no longer associated with CNN.

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