Documentary Series on Female Cartoonists – ‘Draw for Change!’ Trailer

From Variety:

The trailer (below) for “Draw for Change!” – which was named best documentary series at Canneseries this week – has debuted. The feature film version of the first of its six episodes, “Behind the Lines,” will world premiere at Visions du Réel Film Festival on April 28.

The series, from creators Guillaume Vandenberghe and Vincent Coen, profiles six female cartoonists working in six geographic areas of the world, in six individual films and broadcast episodes. Female directors with close connections to each of the societies represented were chosen to tell the stories.

Variety debuts the trailer and has background on the film.

“Behind the Lines” is directed by Alisar Hassan and Alaa Amer, and profiles cartoon artist Amany Al-Ali throughout 2020-2022 from her home in Idlib, Syria, amid devastating bombing attacks during the war.

Other female directors chosen are Sama Pana (India), Karen Vázquez Guadarrama (Mexico), Nada Riyadh (Egypt), Anna Moiseenko (Russia), and Laura Nix (U.S.). Other cartoon artists chosen for the project are: Rachita Taneja (India), Mar Maremoto (Mexico), Doaa El-Adl (Egypt), Victoria Lomasko (Russia), and [Laura Nix Ann Telnaes] (U.S.).

More (a different trailer) at Canneseries.