Butterfly Effect and The Flying McCoys

The other day Mike Peterson noted that The Flying McCoys panel was in rerun status.

That has led me to speculate on the possible cause.

A year ago Glenn McCoy returned to the funny pages after a Hollywood sojourn. Then last month Glenn “abandoned” The Duplex, his last daily being March 18, 2023. That was followed by an announcement:

Glenn has returned to animation (for the moment the project remains a mystery). Brother Gary McCoy took back The Duplex with the April 20, 2023 daily installment and yesterday Gary returned to the Sunday page.

© Glenn and Gary McCoy

Speculation: When Gary once again took over cartooning The Duplex from Glenn he needed a little time to get both it and his The Flying McCoys, for which he had been flying solo for years, on schedule so The Flying McCoys went rerun for a week. Though why it was The Flying McCoys and not The Duplex that went rerun I haven’t an answer to in my made-up reasoning.

Of course it could be the McCoys enjoying their annual week-long green beer drinking celebration of St. Pat’s Day.

But let’s note that The Flying McCoys returned to first run today.