Don’t Worry Be Happy – The Crabgrass Story

“I do think it’s a big part of a cartoonist’s job to spread as much joy as they can,” Bondia said.

And Tauhid Bondia seems to be succeeding in that. His Crabgrass is one of the most enjoyable and funny comic strips around, and the art pleases the eyes as much as the humor pleases the mind.

For Miles and Kevin, Bondia uses their waggish adventures, their quirks and their brotherhood — the boys are “blood brothers” in the strip, knife and all — to create wry, compelling storylines.

© Tauhid Bondia

But it took a lifetime, admittedly a still young lifetime, for Tauhid to get a place in the comic sections.

Funny how funny sells, isn’t it? And if “Crabgrass” is anything, it’s funny.

Even its origin is funny. At least Bondia’s path to producing this strip is — though not necessarily in a yuck-yuck-yuck way.

Justice B. Hill, for The Cleveland Plain Dealer, profiles the creator of the paper’s new comic strip.

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  1. Yeah, I was expecting a mention of A Problem Like Jamal when they went into Tauhid’s cartooning past.
    I was predisposed to like Crabgrass because of Jamal.

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