Jenny Campbell’s Other Friends

The familiar Flo and Friends have been a part of Jenny Campbell‘s life for over twenty years, less familiar to many of us is her other friends at Rescue Village, also a 20+ year affair. That changes with the publication of a new book.

As Rescue Village informs us:

For more than two decades, Jenny Campbell has captured the essence of Rescue Village’s lifesaving work in playful and memorable cartoons. Now, these original cartoons are featured for the first time in a charming book.

Rescue Village is proud to announce the publication of The Cartoons of Rescue Village: Twenty Years of Love and Lifesaving Through the Eyes of Cartoonist Jenny Campbell on May 9, 2023.

You can keep up with the progress at Jenny’s Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “Jenny Campbell’s Other Friends

  1. Sight unseen, I am looking forward to this book!

    My late wife and I were avid rescuers, but then we knew Jean Goldenberg and Ingrid Newkirk.

    1. PS I’ve grown up on Jenny Campbell’s previous books, like “Lazy Daisy” and “Zachary Z. Packrat Backpacks The Grand Canyon” — highly recommended to everyone BTW — so I am really looking forward to adding her latest hilarious volume of pesky animal art to the “Jenny Campbell” section of my home library! Keep up the excellent work!!!

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