Foreign Funnies Files From … Australia

The Australian Cartoonists Association has uploaded a dozen or so recent “issuus” of their Inkspot magazine quintupling the Inkspots and Yearbooks available, bringing the archive up to the Spring/Summer 2023 edition.

Hours of fun and information here.

Now if the National Cartoonists Society and the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists would follow suit.

3 thoughts on “Foreign Funnies Files From … Australia

    1. Yeah, I know you have. I used to buy them from Marge Devine. I would love to see decades of The NCS Cartoonist shared online like the ACA does with their annuals and magazines.

      1. They’re up on also, but only accessible through The Cartoon!st, which is a password-protected members portal on the NCS website. We’re still going through whether we can release them all publicly due to contact information published in the mags.

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