Not Passing Over Easter Weekend Roundup

Joe Cool Type Cool

From NBC News:

The American Red Cross partnered with the popular Peanuts cartoon brand to create an exclusive T-shirt featuring Snoopy for people donating blood. Now, the shirt is going viral on TikTok and first-time blood donors are showing up to get their hands on the exclusive merch.

The Red Cross Organization on the April 1 – April 23 promotion and details:

The Peanuts gang is loved by all because they’re friends who take care of each other, and they make us want to do the same. It feels good when we help someone else, and it makes them feel good in return.

Come to give April 1-23, 2023, to get an EXCLUSIVE Red Cross and Peanuts T-shirt featuring Snoopy as the coolest beagle in town, Joe Cool!

Snowflakes Do Not Want to Welcome New Kid

From Michael Cavna and The Washington Post:

Best-selling graphic novelist Jerry Craft, author of “New Kid” and the new “School Trip,” says he was blindsided by why his wholesome, inclusive books have stirred controversy.

But then, in late 2021, Craft got word: A school district in Katy, Tex., had pulled “New Kid” from circulation after a parent petition claimed that the book contained harmful content involving critical race theory … According to the PEN America organization, a nonprofit that defends free expression for authors, “New Kid” has also been challenged in at least two other Texas school districts, as well as districts in Florida and Pennsylvania.

New Yorker Cover Artist, Michael Roberts: 1948-2023

Michael Roberts didn’t draw cartoons but The New Yorker cover artist’s passing is noted by Michael Maslin:

Michael Roberts, who died this past Monday, was brought into The New Yorker during the Tina Brown era as the magazine’s fashion director. He eventually contributed 23 covers to the magazine.

Humorous Phases of Funny Faces

WHTM-TV (ABC27) reports on the LOC releasing a 1906 J. Stuart Blackton cartoon (the first animation?)

On April 6, 1906, the Vitagraph Company, one of the first motion picture studios, copyrighted a most unusual motion picture.

Titled Humorous Phases of Funny Faces, it was created by Vitagraph’s co-founder, cinema pioneer James Stuart Blackton. In 1906 just about everyone in the movie business was a pioneer, but Blackton was more so than many.

via The Library of Congress