A Syndicated Newspaper Comic Strip First?

Yesterday there was, I think, a first for mainstream newspapers around the United States when a same sex marriage occurred in a nationally syndicated comic strip.

© North America Syndicate

Judge Parker by Francesco Marciuliano and Mike Manley featured the wedding of Ronnie and Kat.

I remember Jane’s World by Paige Braddock ending on the same note:

© Paige Braddock

But that wasn’t a nationally syndicated newspaper comic strip at the time.

And in 1905 Lucy and Sophie attended a wedding, but it wasn’t theirs (though they took the spotlight).

Is Ronnie and Kat’s marriage a first for a nationally syndicated comic strip in mainstream American newspapers?

13 thoughts on “A Syndicated Newspaper Comic Strip First?

  1. Judge Parker, a moral compass poor decision choice to ‘celebrate’ the union of grown-ass’ed lesbians. Shame on you guys for thinking this up.

    1. You joke, but there are bigots who feel exactly that way, and they’re completely serious.

      1. Has absolutely nothing to do with bigotry but years down the road you hopefully will wise up.. defensiveness creates a scewing of truth and reality and please remember you insist on having your cake and eating it too.. your lifestyle is contrary to procreation of the species so unless you cheat the system and God’s laws your lifestyle will result in the end of life as we know it. Without that turkey baster you can’t conceive. It’s simple biology not bigotry.

    2. Thank you and yup that’s the truth.. what I’m really starting to notice is the anger and hostility of this and the leftist movements. Then they try to bate us into the vile buy saying our heads are exploding? Just stay away from our children and yall can do whatever you like we really don’t care. Homosexuality has been around since before Christ and it ain’t going anywhere so uh no it doesn’t rent any space in my head. I worked as a hairstylist since the 70s and they were intelligent creative and fun people to be around. Then I joined the military and shared billets with gay women and we respected each other and our spaces. NOW? They want to shove it down everyone’s throats and that is now tiresome and they’re actually ruining it for themselves. Why this course of self destruction? I think they all need to reevaluate their course of action as it’s not viable long term. We’re just not interested in entertaining their lifestyle so they need to get over themselves and again stay away from our kids. Waving their genitals and lapdancing 12 year olds is an arrestable offense.

      1. Yeah, I keep forgetting that folks in the LGBTQ community living their lives in public constitutes them “shoving it down heterosexual throats” which is “tiresome” and they are thus “ruining it for themselves.” I’ll translate for you: “We gave you people rights, now GO AWAY – stay in the closet because we actually don’t want to acknowledge that you exist, much less have to see you.” Frankly, it’s the folks like you that I wish would “get over yourselves” and your self-righteous horse pucky. It ain’t 1955 anymore, my dear; if you want to live there, fine. We don’t care to join you (and full disclosure; I’m straight, white, and married to my college sweetheart for more than 35 years before you make assumptions).

  2. In my rural southwest area, a gay couple are elected politicians. Both as MAGA Republicans.
    It wasn’t that much different when I left the southeast. Times have changed.

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