Foolin’ with Space and Time

Sunday Synchronicity

Mutts and Mary Worth panels play well off each other.

© Samson

I imagine I am far from the only one who checked out if Horace was right in April 1’s Dark Side of the Horse.

Nancy had the most involved and inflated April Fools’ Day joke.

Here is The Daily Cartoonist’s good deed for the day:


But is it a joke? Guess we’ll have to tune in Monday.

Marciuliano and Keefe put off the fun and games until today with The Sally Forth Family.

It began with the title panel which you may have missed:

© King Features Syndicate

Otherwise this weekend Take It From the Tinkersons celebrated their “tinth” anniversary on the correct date.

(We had noted it a few days earlier.)

© Bill Bettwy

La Cucaracha‘s “special guest artist” Junco Canche gets the opportunity to do it Canche style on April 1st.

© Lalo Alcarez

After nearly five years isn’t it time to drop the “special guest” from the credit?

(At least he gets credit, more than Eric Allie does for his dozen+ years on Prickly City, or Gary Hallgren on Hagar the Horrible, David Reddick for his portion of Blondie, or whoever is doing the art for Frank and Ernest these days, or…)

The Foolkiller by Roy W. Taylor, The Evening World, June 18, 1907

featured image from Crabgrass © Tauhid Bondia