Great Moments in Baseball

Thirty years ago:

Two out, bottom of the ninth.

The eternal goat (not G.O.A.T.) Charlie Brown steps up to the plate.


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The greatest day in the life of Charlie Brown.

Jump to today and it’s Opening Day for Major League Baseball 2023 and Arlo and Janis bring us up to date.


Or as knowledgeable old fan Lee Judge puts it,

“The Smartest People in Baseball try to fix the game they broke…”

Lee runs down the unintended consequences of the new rules.

So here’s the deal on rules and ballplayers:

Tell them you’ve come up with a new rule and they’ll ask how the new rule will be interpreted and enforced and then start thinking about ways to get around or take advantage of the new rule and umpires might not enforce the new rule exactly the way you envisioned when you wrote it and the new rule you thought you came up with won’t be the rule that gets enforced on the field.

For instance:

Lee’s entertaining and educational look at the new rules is well worth reading even if you’re not an MBL fan.

While Lee didn’t exercise his cartoonist chops for an opening day comic others did.

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Betty, Frank and Ernest, Hi and Lois, Phoebe and Her Unicorn, and Slylock Fox celebrated Opening Day with comic strips about baseball of one sort or another.

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