Diverse Items About Diverse Cartoonists

Ann Telnaes, Chris Browne, Jules Feiffer, Joe Heller, Ellis Rosen, Ian Boothby and Pia Guerra. Dave Whamond, Jeff Millar and Bill Hinds, Clay Jones, and an Ode to Calvin and Hobbes.

The Washington Post PR Blog celebrates Ann Telnaes’s Herb Block Win

© The Washington Post/Ann Telnaes

Ann Telnaes, editorial cartoonist at The Washington Post, is the 2023 recipient of the Herblock Prize, the Herb Block Foundation announced. The award honors Telnaes’s “distinguished examples of editorial cartooning that exemplify the courageous independent standard set by Herblock.” This recognition adds to a long string of honors for Telnaes’s work, including a 2001 Pulitzer Prize and her recognition as a 2022 Pulitzer finalist.

Join in the Joy of Chris Browne’s Life

On May 20th the North Central Chapter of the NCS will hold a celebration of life in honor of cartoonist Chris Browne.

Spring Dance

In lieu of Jules Feiffer‘s Dance to Spring we have Joe Heller‘s Dance to TikTok.

New Yorker Cartoonists in Synchronized Cartooning

Junk Drawer by Ellis Rosen and Mannequin on the Moon by Ian Boothby and Pia Guerra follow one after the other in my GoComics “Comics I Follow” feed. Above are their March 24 panels.

Kinks Kartoons

© Dave Whamond

Dave Whamond joins the list in my effort to record every comic with a Kinks reference.

Race Relations and the Norts Spews

© Bill Hinds

One of my favorite comic strips when I was a teenager and young adult was “Tank McNamara,” which was written by Jeff Millar and illustrated by Bill Hinds. A satirical look at sports, the strip followed the misadventures of the title character, a former pro football player turned sportscaster…

I was re-reading one segment from the 1970s that could’ve been set in today’s world. A black NFL running back starred in a movie, and he asked Tank what he thought of it. Tank nervously danced around the question, as it was clear he hated the movie.

The player yelled at him, “Racist!”

John Gutekunst, for Parker Pioneer, remembers Tank McNamara taking on race relations.

Cartoonist of a Certain Viewpoint Opines on Cartoonists with Differing Views

© Clay Jones

When it comes to finances, the economy, the stock market, or banking, I get confused easily. I really have to put the work into it. For a lot of cartoonists, they can take something complicated and just draw a car with a label, like “SVB,” and have it going over a cliff. It’s easier than trying to understand the situation. Not understanding the subject they’re covering is very common among shitweasel cartoonists.

Clay Jones column today takes on conservative cartoonists and research.

An Ode to Calvin and Hobbes

© Bill Watterson

When you open a “Calvin and Hobbes” comic collection, the air around you explodes with homicidal stuffed tigers and death-defying sled crashes. Spaceman Spiff soars through a black canvas cracked with stars, and Mom is always there to push you out the front door on a frigid Monday morning. “G.R.O.S.S.” is the name of the game, and the great beloved outdoors is prettier and brighter than it’s ever been. To read “Calvin and Hobbes” is to be a kid again, to see the big world brimming with endless possibility and to know that as long as you and your tiger best friend make it home at the end of the day — where mandatory bathtime is your greatest nemesis — life is good and kind and full.

Pauline Kim, at The Michigan Daily, composes a paean to Calvin and Hobbes.

I think the magic of “Calvin and Hobbes” lies in its ability to marvelously capture the sacred essence of childhood…

feature image from Over the Hedge

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