First Date by Joseph Bergeron (New Comic)

Cartoonist Joseph Bergeron of New Hampshire has placed his First Date comic strip in the Eagle Times:

CLAREMONT — Local cartoonist Joseph Bergeron has made his print debut within the pages of the Eagle Times with the comic strip ‘First Date.’

‘First Date’ is Bergeron’s first published comic strip, making it an Eagle Times exclusive. The art is based on his relationship with his wife. The content for the strips comes from the couple’s day-to-day life, which Bergeron thinks others may find interesting.

His focus with the comic is to illustrate a blend of the human condition, incorporating warm and comedic elements, but also highlighting the dramatic, more serious events in a person’s life.

Joe has an archive of First Date strips.

© Joseph Bergeron

First Date

by Joseph Bergeron

February 21, 2023 –


(Claremont, N.H.) Eagle Times

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  1. I trust his wife will have an opportunity to provide her perspective from time to time.

  2. Anytime a new cartoonist is able to be printed in a newspaper is something to celebrate. Congrats!

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