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A New Comic Strip

© Donnie Pitchford

Lum and Abner cartoonist Donnie Pitchford has created a new comic strip called A New Comic Strip!

Donnie’s introduction at that Lum and Abner link:

This is a new “bigfoot” sci-fi strip in daily format, although don’t look for it six times a week! The best I can manage right now is twice a week. We’ll have a real title as soon…


It’s time to have a little fun! This is my new “bigfoot” sci-fi series! Eventually it will have a real title after the main character is revealed. My plan is to release these daily-style strips semi-weekly, if my schedule permits.

The resident cartoonist for The Catholic Weekly is also a senior NSW firefighter and has just been presented with the prestigious National Emergency Medal for bravery and service during the Black Summer bushfires of 2019-2020.

The Catholic Weekly profiles firefighter Paul Dorin who also supplies cartoons to the publication.

His cartoons about religion, sport and politics appear around the world and help him stay creative and lighthearted in the midst of the devastation he faces in his day job.

“They are both very different careers but actually also complement each other,” he said.

“Cartooning can be isolating as l work alone, whereas firefighting is all about teamwork and incredible camaraderie.


© The Times-Picayune/The Advocate

We received 1,022 entries in this week’s Cartoon Caption Contest. That’s a new record going all the way back to when this contest first started in 2014!

The Times-Picayune and Walt Handelsman cartoon caption contest is a hit with readers.

The Art of Silly Symphonies

Yet, the Silly Symphonies — and not the Mickey Mouse shorts, which were also being produced at the same time — is where the animators at Hyperion studio in California really got to experiment in the medium and break new ground. Sure, Mickey and Minnie were breakout characters, but Disney had failed enough times in Hollywood to know better than to put all his eggs in one basket. He’d tried relying on a single series with the Alice comedies and then Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. This time around, he’d have two projects on the go: the main series with his star attraction, and a second series of independent, unrelated stories where his animators could try out new content and techniques.

Sarah Milner, for Slash Film, shows an appreciation of the 1930s Walt Disney Silly symphonies series.

Eye Lie Popeye

© King Features Syndicate

It’s been said that Popeye lost his eye during an epic battle… But did he?

Get ready for a thrilling journey with EYE LIE POPEYE, a comic book that delves into the mystery of how Popeye lost his eye. With twists and turns that will keep you captivated and 30+ full-color pages of Popeye action

The Eye Lie Popeye Digital comic was released March 3, 2023.

We turn to Popeye fan(atic) Joseph Nebus for some background and previews.

Half Price Complete Calvin and Hobbes

Chris Reed at IGN informs us:

I think we can all agree that Calvin and Hobbes is one of the best comic strips in the history of print. That’s simply a fact. And right now, the paperback box set of the complete run of Calvin and Hobbes is on sale at Amazon for $64.80 when you clip the coupon on the page.

The list price is $135, and Amazon has it on sale for $81 — but if you clip the coupon on the page, it plummets down to $64.80 at checkout. Not a bad deal for a box set of gorgeous paperbacks filled with delightful art and writing.

Again, it is the paperback box set.

Crabgrass Makes the Hometown Paper

© Tauhid Bondia

Tauhid Bondia‘s comic strip Crabgrass, less than a year in syndication, seems to one of the big winners in replacing an old comic strip that imploded recently. The joyful interracial friendship of Kevin and Miles was spreading at a good pace before, but seems to be a comic of choice to fill the recently created space on the comics pages.

The feature, which was three years in the development stage, now appears in more than 275 publications. Those subscription fees now are his livelihood, the 46-year-old creator said.

And now it is in Tauhid’s home town paper.

From time to time, local readers will find a familiar reference. For example, last week we learned these characters are students at a place called G.C. Burkhead Elementary.

“I like to, every now and then, throw a little nod to actual places that I know from my home,” said Bondia, who now lives in Hodgenville.

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  1. Thanks for covering the launch of my new strip! When the lead character is finally revealed, we’ll have a “real title.” Hopefully we’ll have some fun along the way! Also, thanks for the availability of an e-mail subscription again!

  2. What an amazing new strip by Donnie Pitchford! I’m really excited to see where this series goes. I’m also excited for the release of the title and for the fun it will bring to my readers.

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