Dilbert’s Comic Page Neighbors Talk Adams

Darrin Bell, Bill Holbrook, Liniers, Bianca Xunise, and editor Tea Fougner are some of the King Features people that Associated Press reporter Mark Kennedy talked to about their comics page neighbor’s racist remarks.

Darrin Bell is the opening focus of the article:

“The only reason anyone knows who Scott Adams is because of the comics page. So I thought somebody on the comics page should respond to him on the comics page,” Bell, the 2019 winner of the Pulitzer Prize for illustrated reporting and commentary, told The Associated Press.

As noted elsewhere around here Darrin is using this week’s Candorville to react.

© Darrin Bell

In the strips running Monday to Saturday, Bell paired Dilbert with one of his own characters, Lemont Brown. In one, Dilbert hopes Lemont will side with him in his quest to get a laundry room installed at work.

“You could wash your hoodie,” says Dilbert. Responds Lemont: “And you could wash your hood?”

Darrin says the original strips scheduled for this week were pulled.

Bell credited King Features Syndicate and his editors for allowing him to rip up the strips intended for this week and pivot to the “Dilbert” send-ups, an unusual request.

“They apparently thought it was important enough to take a risk and to make sure that it goes out on time,” Bell said.

“Macanudo” creator Ricardo Siri, known professionally as Liniers:

“I don’t do grievance. I’m just trying to focus on whatever is good that we have around,” he added. “Because in the context of a newspaper with so much bad news, I try to have an optimistic space.”

Read the full AP article.

At GoComics today Jonathon Lemon uses his Rabbits Against Magic to comment.

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8 thoughts on “Dilbert’s Comic Page Neighbors Talk Adams

    1. Amusingly, with many (male) people quoted and referenced, “he,” as a pronoun, is singularly unhelpful in determining who it is you’re talking about. But I’ll agree that we white folk really need to get over ourselves, “reverse racism” (whatever in the world that’s even supposed to mean), and our apparent general angst about the fact that history involves an awful lot of people-of-color getting trod upon by our white forebears.

    2. I thought conservative, homophobic, racist, misogynistic, antisemitic white people are against using the word “woke”.

    3. To Nicky Vee : No, actually white people need to shut up. I am a “white person”, and I have had friends and lovers of all “colours” and ethnicities, and I know that racialised people are just plain people, just like each other. Separating people out by trivial physical differences makes no actual sense. The sooner the ruling-class people get over themselves, the better for everyone. Separatism just makes more and unnecessary trouble in an already troubled world. But I’m totally against racists. We need to “get the hell away” from them.

      1. “White people need to shut up.” Beautiful way to continue breaking down artificial barriers and keep open conversations going.

  1. One of the two local papers I subscribe to immediately replaced “Dilbert: with “Candorville” so I was very interested to read this week’s strips. But…um, apparently they went with the strips he had originally sent in – or else with file copies. So I have to read “Candorville” on the net. “Freedom isn’t free.”

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