Dan Davis and The Luck of the Draw

Dan Davis is lucky, he gets to make a living by doing what he loves – drawing comics.

Of course it helps to have a skill set that has allowed him to do that for nearly forty years.

Around these parts he is known as the artist of Crankshaft and a penciller for Garfield.

Davis took on the role as sole artist for “Crankshaft” in 2017, a long-running spinoff of the retired popular strip “Funky Winkerbean,” created by Tom Batiuk of Cleveland.

He also does penciling work for “Garfield,” although he noted there’s a team of artists. Despite sharing the same last name of “Garfield” originator Jim Davis of Muncie, Indiana, the artist said there’s no relation.

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But some of us have been reading and enjoying Dan’s cartooning since 1986 in comic books.

And while those two comic strips above appear in The Daily Standard the paper recently interviewed the cartoonist about another project, a comic book project all his own.

Davis’ most recent project is his comic book series, “All Luck Comics,” which features three separate storylines.

The books feature the stories of Captain Luck and Archie “Wink” Goodwin, freelance troubleshooters exploring a paranormal region of the Bermuda Triangle; April Thunder, a rogue spy; and Blast Carson, a hotshot space jockey who unintentionally finds himself battling dinosaurs on prehistoric Mars.

Read The Daily Standard’s interview with Dan Davis about his All Luck Comics Adventure.

Three action adventure features start here! First up Captain Luck tries to live up to his name in Treasure Hunters in the Bermuda Triangle. It should have been a simple dive but nothing is quite what it seems in the paranormal region of the Bermuda Triangle. Next in the year 1966 April Thunder, Agent 66 of SpyW.A.T.C.H., goes up against a rogues’ gallery of superspy villains to prove to her boss (and father) she’s ready for field duty! And finally Blast Carson, space jockey, is within sight of achieving man’s goal of landing on Mars until his space ship careens off course and back in time landing him on Mars: 1,000,000 B.C. a wet and wild world full of primitive creatures and a few surprises!

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  1. Where have I been? This work is amazing. A dash of Jack Kirby and Jim Steranko, wrapped in a style all his own with a great retro vibe and yet fresh. Checking it out more now…!

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