Caglecast: Cartoons and Politics

Earlier this year Daryl Cagle started video podcasting. The latest features Rick McKee discussing how he created his recent Artificial Intelligence editorial cartoon, the current limitations of the application regarding comic strips in repeating the same character and other problems, does it portend the end of illustrators and cartoonists, and the impressiveness of images.

Rick shows interpretations of what the Pandora’s Box he asked AI to create, plus a dozen unrelated AI images.

The podcast ends with Daryl showing the ten most popular (used by newspaper editors) Rick McKee cartoons and Rick commenting on the them.

Daryl says:

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Previous Caglecasts have featured Pat Bagley, Dave Whamond, RJ Matson, Jeff Koterba, Ed Wexler and Monte Wolverton. Next up is Gary McCoy and the anonymous Rivers.

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Images may or may not be copyright Rick McKee, those legal matters have yet to be sorted out.

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