New Daily Cartoonist Feature: The Daily Digest

We have exciting news! We have a new newsletter service to replace the Google FeedBurner service that shuttered in 2021. Starting today, you can subscribe to our newsletter, The Daily Digest, to stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and commentary.

The newsletter will go out each morning around 9a/6a Eastern/Pacific time and includes a summary of Mike’s Comic Strip of the Day and news posted by D. D. Degg. We will also use the newsletter to announce future features and goings on here on The Daily Cartoonist.

For those of you who used to get an e-mail recap of the posts in your inbox each day, today is your day.

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6 thoughts on “New Daily Cartoonist Feature: The Daily Digest

      1. I too saw a blank page at first, so I turned off my ad blocker, reloaded the page, and was able to subscribe.

  1. Great news! I’m using it! What’s the service, for those of us w/ blogs like Alan and me?

  2. Good Grief! It’s lucky that i subscribe to The Daily Digest,in case i can’t go to the Lucy’s doctor treatment,good for Cartoon lovers and cartoonist all around the world!

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