Elsewhere/when in the Funny Pages

One comic strip has taken over the headlines this weekend, but there are others in the funny papers.

Or is that funny pages?

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Today Ziggy took me back to another who advised against taking life too serious.


A bit surprised no one mentioned Pogo in the Ziggy comments.

The Man, The Legend

Also not mentioned in the comments is what King Arthur is writing/drawing in Sunday’s Prince Valiant.

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I have the feeling that Yeates drew an image somehow related to the Arthur legend. No?

Drawn and Quartered.

I’m used to the Sunday Andy Capp having two related gags (essentially two dailies stacked).

© Samson

Similarly Dark Side of the Horse Sundays’ top (drop) tier has two gags with the bottom two thirds being a six panel joke. Yesterday’s Dark Side of the Horse split the bottom into two Andy Capp-like strips giving us four laughs.

Two Weeks Early

I think Saturday’s Dennis the Menace should have been scheduled for March 12.

Although March 12, the 72nd anniversary of Dennis’s debut on March 12, 1951, is a Sunday this year.

Bad Timing

Last week “An 85-year-old woman died following an alligator bite, when the gator grabbed her while she was walking her dog near a pond.”

Today’s Shrimp & Grits:

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Of course Andy Marlette drew the strip a month or two before the attack.

Special Guest Star

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“Tracy is reminiscing” about the time when Dick Tracy and Archie Goodwin and Nero Wolfe were all in funny pages.

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I’m led to believe the Nero and Archie also appeared on film, on radio, and even in a couple books.

3 thoughts on “Elsewhere/when in the Funny Pages

  1. And today on Feb. 28, 2023 some newspapers got Dilbert replacements:
    Chicago Tribune and New York Daily News – Grand Avenue
    Orlando Sentinel – Loose Parts

  2. Here in FL – as well as in other states in the south – alligators are so prevalent that if there’s not one in a pond today, there will be one in that pond tomorrow. EVERYone is warned NOT to walk by – and especially NOT TO WALK YOUR DOG by a pond. It’s like a red cape to a bull. So, my sympathies are more by the poor dog[s] than with the eejits who take them right into danger.

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